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The site of Aaron Schlegel focusing on Excel, data analysis, Python, R, and things of that nature.
Excel, data, analysis, Python, R, automation, mathematics
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My name is Aaron Schlegel and I love data, automation and statistics.

About Me

My name is Aaron Schlegel and I love solving problems through data, learning as much as possible, and creating tools and processes that help people do their work better. I’m gold in some trades, silver in others, including data analysis, web development and programming. I eat Excel, Python, VBA, HTML/CSS, and Adobe products as part of a balanced breakfast with R on the side. I seek the unbiased truth buried in data sets and think psychohistory is one of the coolest ideas in fiction ever created.

Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.
- Isaac Asimov

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Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingertips. - Isaac Asimov

  • Petpy v1.0 Released!

    I am very excited to announce the release of Petpy v1.0! Petpy is a simple to use wrapper for the Petfinder API written in Python. The Petfinder API enables users to extract data from the Petfinder database which contains extensive information on over 300,000 adoptable pets and 11,000 animal welfare......

  • Mathpy 0.3.0 Released!

    I am excited to announce the release of mathpy 0.3.0! This release adds a ton of Excel UDFs including many new statistical and number-theoretic functions, several random number generators and functions for drawing random samples from continuous and discrete probability distributions, and more! More information can be found on the......

  • Combined Linear Congruential Generators with R

    Combined linear congruential generators, as the name implies, are a type of PRNG (pseudorandom number generator) that combine two or more LCGs (linear congruential generators). The combination of two or more LCGs into one random number generator can result in a marked increase in the period length of the generator......

  • Multiplicative Congruential Generators in R

    Multiplicative congruential generators, also known as Lehmer random number generators, is a type of linear congruential generator for generating pseudorandom numbers in [latex]U(0, 1)[/latex]. The multiplicative congruential generator, often abbreviated as MLCG or MCG, is defined as a recurrence relation similar to the LCG with [latex]c = 0[/latex]. [latex display=”true”]\large{X_{i+1}...

  • Mathpy 0.2.0 Released!

    My Python library, mathpy, a collection of mathematical and statistical functions with Excel integration, has a new release! Version 0.2.0 introduces a ton of additional mathematical and statistical functions have been added in this release along with a large effort centered on documentation and testing. Installing the package is easily......

  • Linear Congruential Generator in R

    A Linear congruential generator (LCG) is a class of pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) algorithms used for generating sequences of random-like numbers. The generation of random numbers plays a large role in many applications ranging from cryptography to Monte Carlo methods. Linear congruential generators are one of the oldest and most......

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