The first website I ever created. I am a huge fan of Rinko Kawauchi’s work and wanted to get my hands dirty with HTML and CSS so I built website showcasing her work. To give a short bio, Rinko Kawauchi was born in Shiga, Japan in 1972 and graduated from Seian University of Art and Design in 1993. She began her career as a freelance photographer four years later. She received international acclaim with her release of three books in 2001 and has since published several more books along with exhibiting her work solo and in a group throughout the world. Her photographs possess a stillness that stalls time, swelling murmurations are suspended helplessly in space while a lighter flame stands perpetually motionless, no longer able to mesmerize with its dance with the wind.

I used Bootstrap (which I also used for this website) after following lessons on This was a great starting point and they teach in a very clear, easily understood manner as you work through actual projects. I highly recommend it for those wanting to learn web design, graphic design, web development, developing Android and iPhone apps, and more.

The site can be found here Her own site can be found

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