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I recently made some tees featuring graphics from Dead Space, one of my favorite series of all time, and Superman’s crest from Red Son. Red Son is definitely in my top three Superman stories, so I wanted to make something I could wear to remind me of it and look cool at the same time =).

If you have ever played Dead Space, specifically the second one, you go through a gift shop that has several different T-Shirts for sale, which is where I got the inspiration to design the shirts. The other, “New Horizons, New Hope”, is the tee worn by Isaac Clarke at the beginning of Dead Space 3. I thought these looked great so I designed the graphics in Illustrator and had it screen-printed onto a T-Shirt by Custom Ink, since I don’t have my own screen-printing set up. I highly recommend Custom Ink to anyone looking to print designs on clothing, mugs, etc.

All-in-all, I really enjoyed creating the graphics and making shirts out of them. It’s a good feeling to wear something you had a hand in making. Since I had such a good time with it, I might invest in a screen-printing kit and start making more shirts in the future.


March 15, 2015


Design, T-Shirts

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